Show God’s Goodness (1Thess 4:1-12), Commentary

We should continue to conduct ourselves as Christ taught us, that we may grow closer to God. It is God’s will that you be holy, and He has given you the Holy Spirit to guide you in His will. Therefore we should refrain from a life of flesh. Paul specifically mentions sexual immorality here, probably because it was prevalent for the time. Sexual sin is is destructive; destructive to families, to friends, and to self. In modern times there is much suffering inflicted by means of sexual sin. Families fall apart, children become victims, some suffer from a sexually transmitted disease, and some even die.  Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. When we sow in the flesh we reap this destruction, as we are warned. If we are called to be Holy, but we abound in sin, we dismiss God and the gift of the Spirit he gave to us.  Our relationship with God should overrule all worldly desires. While we know to love each other, we must continue to do so, and more so, as to grow in our walk with Jesus. Strive to live a quiet life, peaceful, as not to provoke anyone. Do not meddle or gossip, as it only distracts from your life for Christ.  Focus on doing good. Do not be idle, as idleness leads to sin. When we are bored we find ourselves straying, as David did with Bathsheba. Keep busy with work, that no one may accuse or find fault in you. Show God’s goodness in your conduct.

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