As Christ Taught (Ephesians 4:17-32), Commentary

If we give our lives to Christ, we must put our lives of unbelieving behind us, lives of sin. Those who do not believe, have dismissed God for a worldly life.  They have no fear of judgment, and do not walk in the footsteps of Christ, so they act selfishly, and carnally. That is not life that Jesus has taught us, and it is not the direction the spirit will guide us. We were taught to leave our life of sin, to be reborn, as we are called to be holy. We must be honest in all our pursuits, and do our best to live in peace. We are to be compassionate and kind, as our Lord was.  Do not allow your passions to overtake you, or else you find yourself sinning. Sin crouches at the door, waiting for us. We need to dispose of the of all forms of evil, walking by the Holy Spirit in truth. Do not sin but find in yourselves tools for building yourself into a temple of the Spirit, through love and forgiveness. Instead of sin, speak to encourage, live to help others, love and forgive each other, as Jesus forgave your sins, that we can all live peacefully.



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