Gift of the Spirit (John 14:15-31), Commentary

The Holy Spirit is a gift, through the mediation of Jesus. Jesus desired not to leave us as orphans- without spiritual parenting we may stray.  It demonstrates the favor God has for his people, that he gives them this guide and comforter, that we should never feel alone or forsaken. The world would not receive this gift- it rejects Jesus, and all He offers. Cain could not recieve the Spirit of God, because he did not offer his heart. He became angry and bitter, and killed Abel out of jealousy, because Abel offered his heart, and received God. It is the same today, as those who reject the love of Christ hate those who do not, and set it upon themselves to persecute them. The world will no longer see him, until he returns to judge them. The spirit guides us in every direction if we permit it. We walk by it, following Christ’s commandment to love. We are granted peace by this comfort, in our present day and in eternity. We have no need for fear. Jesus is sure to tell us this, to ease our fears of everyday, and assure us that He is with us. We should be glad that Jesus has died and risen, and ascended to the Father, and though we long for him, He has sent us the Holy Spirit that we should not be alone.







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