Love (John 15:7-17), Commentary

Stay firm in faith and steadfast in following Christ, that you are are adopted as a child of God, who will provide for all you needs. It is to the Glory of God that we live as Christ, yielding the fruit of the Spirit. Do not turn from the love of Jesus, which is perfect love. We love Jesus because he loved us first, we follow his commandments because we love him. The words of Jesus keep us safe, keep us holy, and  they guide us to Eternal Life. To know the greatness of his love for us is joyous! Joyfulness is a fruit of the Spirit. We must love each other as Jesus loved us– this is a daunting task. Jesus gave his life for us, that we would not suffer death for our sins, but have eternal life. How great is that love!  Too pure to not be divine.  Love is a fruit of the spirit. Sow in love, and you will reap in love. A great, eternal friend we have in Jesus, as he bids us to do his work. We are appointed, chosen by Christ, to do his will. If all in the world could truly love each other, imagine what could be accomplished? imagine the fruit that would be produced. Can we, who profess to be Christians, show this in our lives, so that more can find love in Jesus? All that is good is from God, and God is love.

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