Walk by the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-26), Commentary

Let our conduct be a witness for Jesus. If we are guided by the Holy Spirit, our desires are pure. Our sinful desires are not from the Holy Spirit, and these works of the flesh are evident:  by their nature and by their consequences. They are selfish and destructive, and not just to those who commit them. The desires of the flesh and the Spirit repel each other. As God is perfect without sin, we cannot sin and be with God. (See 1John1).  It is a higher calling, and a difficult one at times,  but we are called to be Holy.  It is a serious matter, one to be not to be taken lightly, as salvation is at stake. You shall not inherit because you have chosen to willingly live in sin. Only children of God will inerhit his kingdom.  Do not abandon the love of God for worldly lusts. The fruit of the spirit is that which is harvested when we sow in the spirit. Those who practice love reap love, those who practice kindness reap kindness, and we are pleasing our Father in heaven. The more we practice our faith, the stronger it becomes, the more dominion we have over sin. If we have submitted to Christ, we have put our sins on the cross, and we leave them behind. In humility, we acknowledge we are all sinners, we do not live in conceit, but in peace, not in search of approval from men, only from God. Walk by the Spirit.   Do not conform but be transformed- Romans 12:2

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