Attitude (Jonah 4), Commentary

Jonah was angry at the mercy of God. God had not brought about the destruction, and Jonah was angry, as it made him seem false in his prophecy. That is the reason he was fleeing from God.  We are are so concerned with our appearances, that we forget God’s greater purpose- salvation. It is better for me to die– because things did not go his way, they went God’s way. Pride brings foolish thoughts. How quickly he forgets how God spared him, in his turmoil.  Do you do well to be angry? God may ask us this question tenderly, as a father to his child. We may think anger suits us, but should search ourselves for the answer to this question.  Jonah would have rather been perceived as a “true” prophet then have God’s mercy demonstrated.  Jonah sat overlooking the city, still hoping  it would still be destroyed. The Lord granted Jonah the shade of a plant, then took it away. Jonah had a terrible attitude, and God wanted to make a point. Jonah was angry over a plant, yet where was his concern for the Ninevites, who would lose their lives, and whose souls were at stake?  He did not consider that God’s will was done, that salvation was granted- the same mission accomplished by Jesus. This was an important lesson for Jonah, and therefore it was shared with us. Do you relate to Jonah’s feelings?

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