Salvation (Jonah 2), Commentary

Jonah’s prayer resembles some of the psalms of David. God is merciful, even when we turn from him.  Jonah was cast into the deep, allowed to suffer, and the waves and currents of  God engulfed him, demonstrating God’s power and will.  While in this turmoil, Jonah holds hope that he shall again look upon God’s holy temple, which signifies he knows of God’s mercy. In our darkest moments, when the waters are closing in, God can save us.  It was when Jonah felt his life fainting away that he remembered the Lord, and prayed for rescue. If we step away from God, we find ourselves drowning. We should remember the Lord at all times, not just in times of trouble.  Those who worship the worldly things of life forsake the gift God gives to us, mercy through Jesus. Jonah agrees to submit to God: what I have vowed I will pay. Renew your commitment to Christ, as salvation is through him.

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