Submitting to God, (Jonah 1) Commentary

The word arise is used many times by the Lord. He used it with Moses, Joshua, Jeremiah, and when he healed or forgave. We can take arise to mean “Prepare to do my will.”  This is significant, because Jonah refuses this, and attempts to flee. There is no hiding from God. When we refuse God, and step away from him, we find ourselves in turmoil. Jonah found himself in a storm on the sea. He was awakened by the mariners, who had been crying for help to their false gods, and recieved none. Many turn to their “gods” for help in distress– to drugs, to money, to alcohol– but nothing can save us but the one true God. God revealed Jonah to be the cause of this trouble. Jonah was thrown into the sea, and God claimed him, through the fish.
God calmed the storm here. He is the only one who can calm the storms around us. The men converted, and gave themselves to God- such is the power of testimony. Jonah was trapped for three days and nights. The Lord may stop us from moving to give us time to reflect, to repent, and put us back on his path.

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