Christ Our Savior (Hebrews 10), Commentary

The law cannot make one perfect, by vain sacrifices offered to God. They do not offer a reconciliation with God. He desires an offering of our hearts. David knew this, as he wrote the psalm that Paul quotes from (Psalm 40). We give God our hearts, and submit to him. Jesus said whoever does the will of God is his brother, sister, and mother. No ritual can take away our sins, only our acceptance of Jesus as our savior, whose sacrifice washed away our sins. Jesus is the only way to God.  At the appointed time, Jesus will come for us, and Satan will be defeated. In knowing this, we draw close to God, and follow his commandments as taught by Christ. We should not accept the gift of salvation in vain, and continue sinning, but strive for holiness. God is not mocked. We can endure our suffering and hardships in faith. We should not shrink away from our faith, even in the face of persecution. Jesus is with us.

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