Jesus is the Way (Luke 23:32-43), Commentary

Jesus asks for forgiveness of this his transgressors, an example we must follow. One criminal degrades Christ for not saving all of them. He is selfish, unrepentant. The other, rebukes the selfish man. He accepts his punishment, and repents, recognizing Jesus as Lord, he asks Jesus, “Remember me when you come into your kingdom.”  The gospels  of Matthew and Mark say this man was a robber, a thief. Yet, here he was, asking our Lord to to intercede on his behalf with God. Jesus is our only way to God. Surely the man didn’t deserve heaven. None of us do. But Jesus paid the price of our sin, and offers forgiveness to all. He said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me, in Paradise.” What a wonderful thought.

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