Following Christ, (1Peter 1), Commentary

Our God is merciful, to give his Son, that we can be cleansed on sin, and have  living hope in Jesus, as he intercedes for us with the Father. Christ deafeated death, and as believers in him, we are heirs as children of God, and the inheritance does not fade as the world does, but is forever. We may find comfort in this, although we will be sujected to various trials- referring to persecution, temptation, and any struggles of the world- that will strengthen our faith in Christ, and serve his glory, a greater purpose. Blessed are those who have seen and believed (John 20:29) The prophets knew of this coming salvation (Isaiah 53), and longed to see it, but it was for the time appointed by God. The prophecy was fulfilled, and is now shared with us through the Holy Spirit. We must set our focus on salvation granted to us by Christ. We should be weary of backsliding, of dismissing our knowledge of Christ as Savior. We should approach God humbly thorugh Christ, who bore our punishment. Christ was the perfect sacrifice God required. (Exodus 12:5) He always existed, but was made known to us at the appropriate time, to bring us closer to God.   We should follow the two commandments that Christ called the greatest: Love your God, and Love your neighbor. The rest of our conduct is based off our commitment to these two. Through Christ we are cleansed of sin, as promised by God, according to his word which is forever. And this is good news.

One thought on “Following Christ, (1Peter 1), Commentary

  1. Do we forget sometimes what Jesus has saved us from? Eternal death, fear, hopelessness, unrighteousness, weakness, pride, depression, helplessness, worthlessness, our enemies, lack of faith, etc……the list goes on and on! We need to always keep His grace foremost in our minds and praise Him for His mighty deed in giving us new life.

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