Sin (James 4:1-10) Commentary

All tension, all war arrives from the presence of sin, of selfishness. The covetousness of  worldy things and the possessions of others drives us to sin. Literally, we murder. David killed Uriah to take his wife. Cain killed Abel out of envy. Our self-ambition causes us to manipulate, lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead, to get the promotion, to get the bigger house, the nicer car, more money, and so on.  We murder our own souls with the pursuit of worldy life and not the kingdom of God. It is not a sin to have nice things. God wants us to seek him first. We do not have because we do not approach God, and when we do, it is in vain, and in selfishness. Our God is a jealous God, but a merciful God. We may find ourselves caught up in greed and material life, but God always lets us return to him. We humble ourselves before him, as Jesus told us, and we will be exalted as one of his children. Submit your heart to God, follow his Word and be protected from sin. We find that worldly gains pale in comparison. Jesus has given us a way to his Father.

One thought on “Sin (James 4:1-10) Commentary

  1. God has a perfect plan for us.He tells us exactly what leads to all of the unrest we have in the world and in our own lives. It is sin. But He doesn’t just let us know what is wrong, He gives us a way to change it. He sent Jesus to pay for our sins and to overcome the sin in our life. As a result, when we clean up our act, it effects every person we come in contact with. That is where changing the world starts. It starts with a change in each of us to be humble enough to say “Jesus, I can’t do it without you. Come into my heart and make me a new creation. I want to live my life for you, Amen”

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