Forgiveness, (Matt 18:21-35) Commentary

This is the greatness of Christianity, the greatness and love of our God- that your forgiveness rests on your willingness to forgive. This is too selfless to be anything other than divine.In our minds and hearts we want retaliation, not to forgive. But Jesus sets forth the challenge to continually forgive, as many times as you are wronged. Imagine if God had set a limit to our repentance? None of us would see heaven. Thorough Jesus we are granted abundant mercy, and we should give the same those who trepass against us.  Jesus says if you tell you someone who has sinned against you of his fault, and he listens to you, you gain a brother. (Matt 18:15) Forgiveness is freeing. Why carry the burden of a grudge? Why carry the burden of your own sin? Jesus will carry all our burdens for us. Just as the King in the parable, the Lord will come to settle accounts!  Have your business in order. Forgive those who you have sinned against, that your Father in heaven forgives you. We pray to God to forgive our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors (Matt 6:12). We should consider the weight of those words.

One thought on “Forgiveness, (Matt 18:21-35) Commentary

  1. Sometimes it is very hard to forgive someone who has hurt us in some way. But God knows that we have a difficult time with it. He wants us to depend on Him to be able to forgive– using His Word and the power of His Holy Spirit we can forgive. He gave us everything we need to be able to do it and when we do—the rewards are great. We don’t have to carry around bitterness or hatred which can end up being unhealthy for our bodies. And the best thing is that we have nothing standing in the way of being forgiven for our sins. God’s love provided a plan of forgiveness for us–and the ultimate example of that plan is Jesus. Praise the Lord!

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