David and Bathsheba 2 (2 Samuel 12:1-23), Commentary

     David had hidden his sin so well from himself, he did not recognize it in Nathan’s story.  We can deceive ourselves, and others, but never God. You are the man! Frightening words to hear! How quick we can be condemn others of the very sins we commit. Nathan speaks boldly here. David was a mere shepherd, and God raised him to be King. The Lord gave him a kingdom, and everything in it, and if that were not enough- if that was not sufficient evidence of God’s love, he would have given more. The Lord is generous with all he provides us. God gave us His son as a sacrifice for us, is that not enough for us to turn to him, to follow his word?  In lives of comfort, we forget the Word of our Father. In lives of poverty, we feel he has forgotten us. He gave David much, and loved him much. But David was supposed to be protecting Uriah, one of God’s people, not destroying him. Why have you despised the word of the LORD- Rejected his commandments, given in to temptations, defiled the sanctity of marriage, murdered an innocent man, and tried to deceive God. To reject Jesus, the Word of God in flesh, is to despise God’s Word, and  despise God.
     The heartache of having sinned against God is unbearable. David felt the guilt of his sins, his betrayal against God. I have sinned before the Lord- We can all confess this, but we can be forgiven through Jesus. David is repentant, and God spares his life, but permits evil to come on the house of David. The providence of God is distant when we sin.   The child who is born to you shall die– There can be no greater punishment. David would carry this burden. God showed no partiality in his punishment. The King of Israel was subject to God’s law as any other man, even more so. Many suffer for the rest of their lives for the momentary gratification of lust.
David still begged for the child to live. We should all approach God for mercy, through his son Jesus. Who knows whether the LORD will be gracious to me- David submitted to the will of God. The child died, and David worshiped. Can we all accept our discipline humbly?  Even the greatest fall in sin, and need Jesus.

2 thoughts on “David and Bathsheba 2 (2 Samuel 12:1-23), Commentary

  1. Thanks for the commentary–it was very insiteful.

    I can identify with David, not with the extent of the sins (murdering someone to cover up adultery, etc) but with the basic sin of letting the things that the world has to offer (money, prestige, bills) take our attention away from God.

    It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that God can’t see us, because we can’t see Him. People use that for a reason to continue in sin as well as to completely deny the existence of God. But God, in His mercy, sent , Nathan, to bring reality back into the situation to let David know that you CAN’T hide from our heavenly Father. When David realized his sin, he surrendered to the true King–the Great I AM. He is all-powerful and all-knowing and all-loving.

    This is a great lesson for us in our lives today–to keep close to the Lord. Praise Jesus!

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