Mark 11 Commentary

The Lord needs them- We should be ready to sacrifice of ourselves whatever the Lord needs. Whatever gifts we are given are determined for his use. While some questioned it, they relented when they heard it was for Jesus.  To fulfill the prophecy- Of a humble savior. Does such humility exist today among our leaders?  Most of the crowd spread their cloaks on the road– recognizing him as their king. (See 2 Kings 9:13)  Hosanna- Lord save us! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord- Psalm 118:26.  And he entered Jerusalem and went to the temple- It seems that this happened immediately, that Jesus went to see the house of his Father.  And when he had looked around at everything- Examined its condition, to see how it was cared for. This is probably where he gets the first observance of its misuse, which leads to its cleansing.
He was hungry- Our Lord, hungry. I think of when Abraham got a visit from God in the form of three men, and he had Sarah make them cakes to eat. Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf– he walked to it in hope that it was fruitful, but it was not the season. We must always be prepared for the coming of Jesus, we do not know when he is coming. Abraham was prepared for the visit of God, we should learn from him. (Gen 18:1-8)
And he entered the temple and began to drive out- the vendors, the money changers, people selling pigeons in the house of God. He was angry at the corruption of what was sacred. We accept Jesus to dwell within us, and he can drive out the corruptions around us. It is not sinful to express anger.  And the chief priests and scribes heard it and were seeking for a way to destroy him- Jesus was certainly ruining their program. The vending there was most likely beneficial to them, otherwise they would have rid of it long ago. Either way they had neglected the sanctity of the temple. There are things corrupting our churches today, we should pray they are cleansed, and be fearful of Christ coming to find them in their current condition.
The fig tree that you cursed has withered- Peter must have noticed there was a lesson here. He who is not prepared for Christ will wither. Whatever Jesus commands will be so. Whoever says to this mountain– The great struggles  of our lives can be moved by our faith. Nothing is beyond God. Whatever we ask in prayer, in faith, we will receive. That is a promise. But Jesus tells us that we must forgive first, so that we are forgiven, and nothing hinders our faithful relationship with God.
By what authority are you doing these things- Obviously threatened, envious, and fearful. His works and words were truth. They were not asking in to find truth, but only to accuse and destroy.  He challenges them, and they backed away.  Acknowledging John as a prophet meant to acknowledge Christ, denying John would incite the people. As wise as the elders thought they were in their interrogations, Jesus was always wiser. He permitted them nothing.

3 thoughts on “Mark 11 Commentary

  1. How hard it must have been to have people shouting praises to you and celebrating you knowing that everything would soon turn around and people would be shouting “Crucify Him”.

    Speaking of the temple, our bodies are the temple of the Lord. When we ask Jesus into our hearts, He will clean up the mess. As long as we continue to communicate with Him, He’ll show us what needs to be changed and then we ask Him for the help to change it. It’s a process.

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