Mark 5 Commentary

Chapter 5
     A man of unclean spirit, who would cry day and night, and bruise himself with stones- Do you know someone tormented or who inflicts injury on themselves? No one could bind him, or contain him that he would not injure other or himself, for that reason he is distant, and lives among tombs, among the dead. No one had the strength to subdue him, but physical strength would do nothing here.
What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? Why are you concerning yourself with me or even we have no quarrel with you, who we recognize as the Son of God.  It asks not to be tormented, knowing well the power. This was to respond to the Lord’s command it leave the body.
Legion, for we are many– What torture this must have been, but nothing is beyond Christ. They begged to be sent into the herd of pigs, rather then be banished.  Jesus allowed it. That the herd drowned itself is a further proof of the possession. The Demons could not even enter a herd of pigs without his permission.
The herdsmen fled-  It must have been a wondrous but frightening display of power. They begged Jesus to depart. He did not protest.
The man who had been possessed begged him he might be with him- Of course he did. But Jesus felt it more important for him to testify of God’s greatness and mercy.   

     Jairus fell at His feet-  to plead desperately. When we are most desperate is when we learn to turn to Jesus. A crowd follows to witness a miracle, pressing about him. What a vivid scene created with few words.

Your faith has made you well – The woman is healed in faith. While many in life bump into, push, or press against Jesus, reaching in faith is what delivers us. Even in the crowd Jesus can find you.

Do not fear, only believe – Words of comfort for the broken heart of Jairus. We know that the words of Jesus are eternal, so we can rest in them even during these difficult times.
Not dead, only sleeping- Not beyond the power of God, as He proved. He invited few to witness, and instructed no one to tell. The Lord reveals to us what we must know at the right times.

One thought on “Mark 5 Commentary

  1. The power of the Holy Spirit is so amazing when we allow Him to show up. So much happened in this chapter, movement after movement. Wow!!

    When the man with the evil spirit ran and fell on his knees in front of Jesus, I immediately thought of the verse “Every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God, the Father”….Jesus proceeded to show who is boss. Praise God!

    Something else that sticks out to me is that Jesus sometimes tells people not to tell others what He has done (be it healings, or deliverances, etc.) and other times He tells them to go and give their testimonies of what they have experienced or seen. Jesus knew exactly what situation each person would be going back into. I think it ties into the last chapter where he spoke the parable of the sower and the seeds.

    If you receive a healing or deliverance and you are among a bunch of negative people, their negativity may succeed in hindering your faith. Have you ever been in a room with people talking about all their aches and pains? You may have entered the room in good health but by the time you leave, your head hurts, your back aches and you think your coming down with something! (ha ha, but true!)

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