Mark 4 Commentary

Chapter 4
As Jesus taught, a great crowd gathered, and Jesus stepped back into a boat on the sea, so that he may better be heard and seen. These memories of Christ are what expresses his humanity. Can you envision Jesus stepping onto a boat, sitting, and gently teaching? He taught ‘many things’, but one stood out in particular, The Parable of the Sower. Jesus teaches, but explains it to his disciples after.

Listen! The first word of Jesus– to call attention, quiet the crowd. Can we be silent and listen to Jesus? So often we are busy.

Prepare yourself to recieve the Word of God. If we allow evil to overtake hinder us, if we do not allow it to take root in ourselves, or allow our worldy cares to obstruct it, we will not reap its benefit. To prepare ourselves for to recieve this word is not always any easy task with the cares, anxieties, and struggles of life, but never impossible.
He who has ears, let him hear  To some the parable is merely a story or tale, to those who were prepared it was much more. In college, some lectures mean more to some then to others. They spark a particular interest, light a fire, increase a desire to know more. Jesus was no different– to set a spark in the spirits of those listening, but not all were prepared to hear. This does not mean that those who were not ready to recieve were doomed, only that at that time some were not ready.  It is not a reflection of intellectual ability either, only a reflection of spiritual willingness. Isaiah 6:10.
Nothing is hidden except to make it manifest, is a lamp to be put under a basket. The Parables hide nothing, they illustrate and illuminate the truth. They were also easier to remember, which was important, as oral tradition was chief method of teaching. Jesus was teaching his disciples how to carry on his words, even then.
For the one who has been given the word, and received it openly, will reap more, and the one who has not will reap nothing.
The measure you use- the standard by which you judge will be applied to you, and even more so.
While we know how to plant and cultivate seed to grow crops, if we randomly scattered seed and went to bed, we would not know how it would find its way to grow. We scatter the seed of God and it will grow, we do not know how God works this miracle. The mustard seed grows exponentially from its small size. This was a familiar seed and example to use to illustrate the growth of God’s kingdom.
Jesus calms the storms of our lives, even when we think he is sleeping, or doesn’t care, our faith should tell us we are safe.

One thought on “Mark 4 Commentary

  1. Jesus used the subjects of seeds and a lamp in these parables. These are things that each person would have knowledge of whether they were “educated” or not. There are reasons why some seeds grow and, some seeds don’t. A lamp needs to be out in the open, not hidden, in order to get full use of the light. When we listen to what He is saying, it gives us a picture in our minds of the seeds or of the lamp but ends up making us think about where we are “at” spritually.

    I have to say that the song “This Little Light Of Mine” has been part of me since I went to vacation Bible school when I was a little girl. I am so glad someone wrote that because it has come to mind several times giving me encouragement when I was tempted to hide my light in a situation.

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