Mark 3 Commentary

For Chapter 3:

Scribes  were in the Synagogue, not praying or teaching, but waiting, plotting evil. While doing this they did nothing for the poor and the sick. They had no concern for the man himself, only looking to accuse Jesus. Yet Jesus did not shy away.  Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath? Jesus challenges them: Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or harm–is it better to let this man suffer when He had the power to heal? Would that not be evil?  The scribes remained silent- there is nothing to say when you know you are wrong.  At this is the first description of Jesus expressing anger, but also grief for the hardness of their hearts. Also see Mark 2:27.

He appointed 12, the same as the number of tribes in Israel. He called them apostles, and gave them authority to preach and cast out demons. Authority is given from God. We should beware of those who preach without authority. The narrator does not hold back that Judas will be the one to betray Jesus.

The crowds followed and gathered; who could help but desire to be near Him.

Scribes accuse Jesus of being possesed– this is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: attributing the power of Holy Spirit, the works of God, to the evil of Satan. This is the only unforgivable sin. It was the intention of the Scribes to turn the crowds against Jesus with these accusations.

Who are Christ’s brothers and sisters and mothers? All who do the will of God, the Father. All who believe in Christ are brothers and sisters. While we suffer the insults in this country against Christmas and faith, there are many brothers and sisters of Christ persecuted much worse, suffering torture and death. Pray for them.

One thought on “Mark 3 Commentary

  1. Yes, I am challenged with this everyday. Sometimes it is not easy, but that is why we need to persevere and always have the Lord at the forefront of everything.

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