Mark 2 Commentary

Thoughts on chapter 2:

Who is this man who forgives sins? That is blasphemy. Jesus responds, “Is it easier to forgive sins or say ‘Rise, take up your bed and walk'”, which he then tells the paralytic to do. The forgiveness of sins would have been as impossible as the healing for a normal man, yet Jesus proves his authority by doing both.
Why does this man eat with sinners? Jesus chose Levi (Matthew) and dined with him. The scribes were quick to point out he ate with sinners. People can be fast to acknowledge the sin of others to avoid looking at their own. I also think Jesus enjoyed a good meal, and conversation. He liked building realtionships.
Why are you not fasting? While Jesus was with his disciples, it was good for them to be joyful, and when he is gone, they will mourn and fast. New wine does not go in old wineskins, nor can the new convenant be contained in the Old Law.
Your disciples are picking and eating heads of grain on the Sabbath. Jesus responded, citing that David ate bread that was only for the priests. (1 Samuel 21:2-6) Something interesting here: Jesus mentions this occurring “in the times of Abiathar the high priest”, but it was not Abiathar who is recorded as giving David the bread, it was Ahimelech, the father of Abiathar, who was also slain by Saul along with other priests who supported David. Abiathar escaped, and found safety with David. (1 Samuel 22:11-23) Think about that! Some have argued that the mention of Abiathar indicates a mistake by the author or by Jesus, but this is faulty. Jesus said the event occurred in the times of Abiathar, not that it was Abiathar who gave David the bread. I believe the use was intentional.
The Gospel of Mark reads to me like a collection of memories.
  • What would you have for dinner with Jesus?

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